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Thursday, August 30, 2012

MSNBC Doing Its Best To Control The Message

Unfortunately for the neanderthal press, there's a new medium in town.  The weblog.  And those of us who participate in it fully intend to work around the dinosaur media and get that message out.

You've probably heard by now that NBC News and its nightmare of a stepsister, MSNBC, Omitted All Coverage From Minority Speakers at “Racist” RNC Convention.

The reason, no one doubts, is because the liberals who run NBC want the accepted mainstream press template to remain intact - that being that the Republican Party here in the USA is made up exclusively of white people.  With minorities present only to take their coats and feed them at the banquet table.

So speeches delivered at their convention by members of the GOP - members of minority status - are intentionally ignored.  Given no coverage.

Ted Cruz.  Brian Sandoval.  Artur Davis.  Mia Love.  Susanna Martinez.

That's shameful enough.

But the perfidy goes beyond that.

Those at NBC who chose to censor the information coming out of Tampa so as to maintain the narrative also chose to do so because they are frightened of the prospective leaders of tomorrow within the party gaining traction.

One of those leaders sure to make a name for himself in years to come?

The highly successful, extremely well liked, and very conservative Luis Fortuno of Puerto Rico.

What of his speech?

MSNBC Ignores Speech by Puerto Rican Governor Luis Fortuno, Interviews "Racist" Jan Brewer Instead

They disgust me.

More importantly, they steel my resolve.

We will get the message out.  No matter how hard liberals in this country try to stifle the dissemination of information that might mold informed decisions in the voting booth.

We will get the message out.

Here's Luis Fortuño's speech to the convention.

Here's some background on the GOP's rising star.

Message delivered.