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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Obama Gets It Wrong

In both ways.

He told us his health care plan would reduce our costs.  But as the numbers come in, we find out that our costs - through taxation if not direct payments to doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies - are soon to skyrocket.

And now this:
CBO: Obamacare Will Leave 30 Million Uninsured
By Patrick Burke, CNS News

A new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report says that under the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, 30 million non-elderly Americans will remain without health insurance in 2022.

One of the main arguments the Obama administration made for passing the Affordable Care Act was that it would provide coverage for the uninsured.

Currently, accoriding to CBO, there are 53 million uninsured persons in the United States, including uninsured illegal aliens. The CBO estimates that in 2022--8 years after the Affordable Care Act has been fully implemented--30 million people will remain uninsured.

Moreover, under Obamacare, 8 percent of legal U.S. residents will remain without health insurance in 2022, according to CBO. [link]
Expect Michelle Obama, when she becomes President in 2022, to call for a sweeping overhaul of our completely screwed-up health care system, a reform that will reduce costs, provide universal coverage, and ...

They'll never stop.

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And then there are the hidden costs:

Papa John’s Founder To Raise Price Of Pizza Due To ‘Obamacare’

We're in big trouble.