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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Obama Here In Virginia Today ...

... to push his new campaign theme.

Think about it.  In four short years, he's gone from YES, WE CAN to NO, YOU DIDN'T.

Me?  I think we're seeing the real Barack Obama emerge.  Finally.

Consider this.  Remember those videos that came out in 2008 that depicted hate-consumed Jeremiah Wright spewing venom towards this country, a seething, vengeful, hostile animus encapsulated in his infamous cry, "God Damn America!"?  You watch Barack Obama make his speech in Roanoke and tell me his sitting in Jeremiah Wright's pew for twenty years didn't rub off.  It was his voice expressing Wright's attitude toward this country and toward everything that made us great.

The only thing that Barack Obama left out was God Damn America!

There's resentment there.  Animosity.  Maliciousness.  Hatred.  Wright.

The real Barack Obama emerges.

And he's not pretty.