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Friday, August 17, 2012

Obama Owns The Media

Romney owns the voters.

So Obama, in his tour of Iowa, stops by a beer tent at the state fair and orders a round for a small gathering of supporters.  Then the owner of the beer tent tells the world that he won't be voting for Mr. Wonderful, despite the business thrown his way (the business owner "didn't build it" anyway, so there's no real loss).

Then Obama drives out into the Iowa countryside to a wind farm and lauds the many jobs he's created aqcross this land with his "green energy" initiative - sixteen so far and counting.  Only to find out that the wind farm owner ain't going to be voting for him either.

What on earth could those who built their businesses and who are struggling mightily to make them viable have against the man who claims they didn't build their businessses at all?  Don't they realize all the great things that Obama and his kind have done for them?

The story.

The sheer joy.