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Monday, August 27, 2012

Obama Running On Empty

It was so easy when he was on the outside, taking swipes at George Bush.  A little less easy when he took charge, and things got much worse.  But there was still the lingering image of The Destructor - George Bush - to blame his many failings on.

But that was a long time ago.


He blames everyone but himself.  Especially Romney.


Yup.  America's worsening woes are somehow Romney's fault now:
Obama's relentless negativity: President, unable to run on his own record, keeps attacking Romney
By Andrea Tantaros, New York Daily News

There is a saying that “politics ain’t beanbag,” referring to the hostile nature that is often encountered in the throes of campaigns and elections. And though we’ve seen fierce battles in past, most recently between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in 2008’s Democratic primaries, the fight between those two opponents pales in comparison to the mudslinging we’ve seen in 2012.

It’s also mostly been one-sided.

While the more meek Mitt Romney has stuck to challenging the President on the issues of the day, like Obama’s feeble economic record, Obama’s campaign has spent weeks attacking Romney on everything but the issues.

Thus far, we’ve heard Obama disingenuously charge that Romney is anti-education and accuse him of not wanting to invest in the future — while also ridiculing Romney’s personal wealth. We’ve heard Obama aide Stephanie Cutter make unsubstantiated and off-the-wall claims that Romney could be a felon for allegedly not paying his taxes. Vice President Joe Biden has tried to convince voters that Romney wants to return to the days of slavery, and a pro-Obama Super PAC, Priorities USA, released an ad that accused Romney of causing a women’s death by shutting down a steel plant. Plus, there’s the whole spurious “war on women.”

They have gone too far. [link]
It was that great American statesman, Henry Clay, who, many years ago, worked relentlessly - and successfully - to hold together the many disparate factions then operating at odds with one another here in the USA, emphasizing their common interests as opposed to playing up their differences in order to gain him a political following. It was Clay who famously said, "I'd rather be right than be president." He did right by his country. And he was never president.

Obama today? He prefers to adopt the Vince Lombardi strategy: Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing. The country be damned. Reelection is all that matters.

Thus, he lashes out. At everyone. Even those who had nothing to do with the debacle that is his presidency. Mitt Romney? Bain Capital? The Koch Brothers? They brought us to the brink of disaster?

Whatever happened to The Audacity of Hope?

It gave way to Scorched Earth, The Obama Reelection Strategy.

An exaggeration?


He's going to win or everyone is going down with him.

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The Obama legacy?

Encapsulated in one simple bar graph:

Question: Are you better off than you were four years ago?

Answer: We're ALL worse off than we were four years ago.