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Monday, August 06, 2012


Someone associated with the city of Roanoke should be fired.  For having purchased this monstrosity:

Seating capacity?

½ comfortably.  2 if treated like sardines.



"It's the ideal vehicle for a parking enforcement officer, said Ken Cronin, the city's director of general services and sustainability ..."


What's wrong with this tried and true method of tooling around the urban center that does an even better job of saving on that precious carbon footprint?



Available in assorted colors.  And provides for much more soothing comfort than that tin can that the city is paying an arm and a leg for.

To the good people of Roanoke: I don't have a dog in your fight so you can waste your money on whatever brings you joy.

But I have a question: Does that Good Earth Firefly you're going to force some poor ticket-writer to drive come with disability insurance?  Cause you're going to need it when his back gives out.