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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Playing To The Fears Of The Weak-of-Mind

Those would be the environmentalists among us who are easily frightened.

Commence the shark attack music ...

James Hansen narrates:

It's hot outside?  We're all going to die!

Or not:
Global Warming Alarmists' Fright Campaign Filled With Holes
Investor's Business Daily editorial

James Hansen is sounding the climate-change alarm again, asserting that record summer heat and drought are caused by global warming. But a grade-school kid could find problems with his claim.

In a news release that goes with the NASA paper primarily written by Hansen, the agency's top climate-change scientist says, "We now know that the chances these extreme weather events would have happened naturally, without climate change, is negligible."

"This is not some scientific theory," Hansen told the media. "We are now experiencing scientific fact."

The paper compares the period from 1951 to 1980 to 1981-2010. According to Hansen and his two co-authors, summers that they consider extremely hot went from covering just 1% of the earth in the first era to 10% in the latter period.

Let's start out by asking why Hansen picked those years and left out the 1930s, which were even warmer?

We'd also like to know, as prominent skeptic Anthony Watts asks, where is the comparison for the southern hemisphere data? Hansen compares northern hemisphere summers only.

Watts accuses Hansen of cherry-picking the data to prove his point. Don't think that he wouldn't.

He might be a NASA scientist, but he's also a political activist, and it was university scientists with strong political views who not so many years ago conspired to "hide the decline" in temperatures as they tried to construct the record. [link]
Hansen: "This is not some scientific theory.  We are now experiencing scientific fact."  Well, as revealed here, they's facts and then they's facts.  Oddly, he is very choosy in terms of which ones he believes.

It's warmer in Poughkeepsie today than it was in the summer months in 1988. Therefore the planet is on a direct path to overheating and ultimate destruction.

Uh, James, I don't think that's going to work.  Except with those with IQ deficiencies.

It's clear that it doesn't take much to get environmentalists peeing in their pants.

Kinda humorous.  In a grotesque sorta way.