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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Romney Picks Boring White Guy

Okay, I know I'm way too cynical about all this.  But considering the fact that the position of Vice President of the United States is about as important to our way of life as mammaries on a boar are*, I simply felt that Mitt Romney had an opportunity to rub a little bit of dirt in the eyes of the Democratic Party and the media by nominating some token black or Hispanic person.  Who's racist?  Not me, fellas.  I picked a right-hand man/woman "of color!"   Or whatever.

Instead, Romney picked a competent, qualified - and unlike Joe Biden - sane Vice Presidential running mate:
Romney and Ryan head out to 'save American dream'
By Michael Mathes, AFP

Mitt Romney and newly minted running mate Paul Ryan will try to energize supporters in North Carolina Sunday after they hit the road on a bus tour across must-win US states, selling themselves as the duo who can "save the American dream."

Fresh from a surprise early morning rollout of Romney's vice presidential pick in Norfolk, Virginia, the Republican pair struck out across the state pushing a policy of fiscal responsibility and savaging President Barack Obama as a job-killer bent on changing the country for the worse.

Romney's pick, cast as a bold move by his party, is sure to transform the presidential race less than three months before November's election, and the two men electrified crowds as they took to the stump.

The campaign also aims to sharply shift debate away from Romney's business record, taxes and image as an out-of-touch multi-millionaire investor and toward larger wholesale issues such as how to revitalize the nation's sputtering economy.

"We can turn this thing around," Ryan, 42, told cheering supporters in Norfolk. [link]
Here's Ryan giving his acceptance speech:

Not a bad speech. Better, in fact, than the stuff Romney offers up. And articulate, which sets him apart from the idiot that Obama has running with him.

For what it's worth, the Tea Parties are jubilant about Romney's pick (you should see all the ecstatic emails in my inbox). And I understand why. Ryan is one of us.

So we are where we are. Once more unto the breach, my friends!

* The person of Vice President provides for only one important role - being there when the heart of the head dude stops.  Otherwise he occasionally shows up and  runs the Senate and more often, if he's Joe Biden, goes around the country making a fool of himself.