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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Something To Ponder

With all the talk about that congressman in Missouri who is in hot water over his strange theory about conception and rape, there is this to remember:

Todd Akin Was Never Accused of Rape—Unlike Bill Clinton

That would be the same Bill Clinton who will be featured at the Democrats' upcoming national convention and who will be given prime time to make his speech about - among other things - how pro-woman his party is.  The same Democrat convention where Todd Akin will be repeatedly denounced as being "anti-woman."  The same convention where the accused rapist will be lauded for that which he did when he was president to for women.

The rapist is pro-woman.

But then so is John Edwards.  But he isn't invited to the party?

Earth to Democrats: Get back to us when you have all this sorted out and in its proper order.