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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thank You, Massa

In lieu of doing anything to help create jobs, Senator Mark Warner brings Southwest Virginia a bucketload of welfare:

Warner touts $815K grant for music, arts & recreation-based tourism in Southwest Virginia

What's wrong with this picture?

You'll note the fact that the headline doesn't read:

Tourists bring $815,000 to Southwest Virginia.

Warner, ever the politician, explained his magnanimous gift of hard-earned taxpayer income that didn't come out of his pocket:

"What always bothered me was people would go to Asheville, N.C., and they developed a whole music culture, artisans, eco-tourism area.  And I always felt Southwest Virginia had better venues, and just as good of artisans, much better music."

Better venues?  What he chose to not mention was the fact that Asheville, North Carolina has (and had) something else that Southwest Virginia doesn't have:  Some guy named Vanderbilt and some hovel called Biltmore (the largest estate in America, ahem).  While we have abandoned coal mines and a whole lot of this:

Sure, we'll take another handout.  And we will tip our hat to the man who comes down here for a brief moment to tell us that he's there to help us in our hour centuries of need.  Before he heads back to the land of taxpayer-funded luxury.  And before we continue our unending yet fruitless search for employers.  A job.  Opportunity.  A future.

Yeah, we sure appreciate the welfare check.  It'll help us pay for the U-Haul that will be used to make the  move to another part of the country where Southwest Virginians might actually have a chance to find employment and succeed.

Because in the coalfields ...

... nothing has changed.