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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Tim Kaine Stuck On Stupid


It has been brought to my attention by the author of the Roanoke Times article - the incomparable Mason Adams - that I erred in interpreting his work.  Here he's setting the record straight: "As the writer of that linked story, Jerry, I just want to clarify that the $9 million was for 14 different projects around Virginia. The two generators at the wastewater treatment plant used $500K of stimulus money and cost $3 million total. I wanted to clear that up, and I apologize if the story was confusing on that point.

My boo boo.  Sorry to Mr. Adams and to all of you.

- - -

How many of you remember something called "Renew Virginia"?


Well, don't feel like the lone ranger, because that initiative, launched with great fanfare by then-governor Tim Kaine sank upon launch, never to be seen again.  For those not familiar with it, "Renew Virginia" was a lot of hooey about alternative energy and those mythical "green jobs" Democrats like to talk about but have never delivered (unless they get creative and call garbage collection a green job).

So now he's running for Senate.  And he's still beating that dead horse.  See "Kaine tours alternative energy site in Roanoke."  Kaine was there because that site - with $9 million of federal stimulus and some additional bond issues - is able to provide for itself 40% of its own energy needs.  Swell.

Meanwhile here in the remaining 99.999999% of the country - none of which will get manna from Obama heaven - real energy issues confront us.  While Kaine dabbles in pipe dreams and photo ops, this energy-starved country is fighting his kind - think Democrats - to be able to unleash new technologies - technologies that aren't kid's games - that will solve America's energy needs and provide affordable power for centuries.

We are on the verge of becoming energy independent if the Tim Kaines and Barack Obamas of the world would get out of the way.

As Delegate Greg Habeeb (R-9) puts it:

"While Tim Kaine touts his newfound election year position on energy, Virginians know his record for delaying offshore energy development, supporting cap-and-trade and championing EPA regulations speaks louder than words. Tim Kaine stands as an 'unabashed' supporter of President Obama as he blocks good-paying jobs with the Keystone Pipeline and wages a regulatory assault on coal that will destroy thousands of Virginia jobs."

Play with alternative energy on your time, Tim.  Us adults have serious issues to deal with.

"Renew Virginia."  How about we renew the Senate delegation in Washington and put some real problem-solvers in place there.