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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Upsetting The Democrats' Storyline

This must have soiled Chris Matthews' Depends.  A black man on stage in Tampa being cheered wildly by an appreciative mostly-white (racist, ahem ...) Republican convention audience?

To quote a famous American:

Yes, we can.

Artur Davis even attacks Obama's gutting of the work requirement in welfare.  Which makes him a ...

 ... in the eyes of MSNBC's blinded-by-hate talk show host, anyway.

Confused?  Or simply stupid?  You decide.

- - -

Then there's the face of the GOP that the media will never let you see:

Good-lookin'. Articulate. High achieving. Very conservative.

And black.  And female.

"This is our America because we built it!"

From a black woman?  In the land ruled by the KKK?

How the media and the Democrats must be trembling at the prospect.