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Sunday, August 12, 2012

What Do You Expect From a New Yorker?

Remember the other day when I made mention of Virginia's 9th District Congressional challenger Anthony Flaccavento's Facebook page and how, if its any indication, he isn't drawing much of a following?  (For those who didn't see it, the Democrat from New York had, as of that writing, exactly one "friend.")

Well, here's the other half of that story that I should mention.  Anthony hasn't a clue who he's dealing with down here in Southwest Virginia.  The tip-off?

This is a screenshot from that same Facebook page (click on it to enlarge it) captured one day last week:

"Anthony Flaccavento talks to voters at the Dickenson County fair in Hayci - Dickenson County Fair."

As anyone this side of New York City knows, there is no such place as Hayci - in Dickenson County or anywhere else in Virginia.  And if the candidate from New York City had spent any time traveling the byroads of Southwest Virginia before he decided he could represent us in Congress, he'd have known that.

I hope, as he was wandering the Dickenson County Fair in Haysi that day, he wasn't pronouncing the name the way a New Yorker might - HAY'see, as in hayseed.  It's haySYE' as in the backbone of Southwest Virginia.

Funny?  Or pathetic?  You get to decide in November.

A parting note: You may recall that Democrats in the 9th District criticized now-Congressman Morgan Griffith - Flaccavento's opponent - for being an outsider in 2010 when he was running against their man, the hapless Rick Boucher, because Griffith lived a few yards outside the boundaries of the district.  So what do those Democrats have to say now that their party has nominated some New Age "farmer" from New York City to run against Griffith?

Silence ....

* I should mention the fact that the spelling on the Facebook page has since been corrected.  Someone from Southwest Virginia must have schooled the candidate from New York.