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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Will Biden Rescue The Trees?

Every Virginia Tech student will turn his/her attention to the most gripping issue facing America today when the Vice President of the United States blunders his way into Blacksburg to provide the campus population, as well as the American citizenry as a whole, his thoughts on the pressing issues of the day another gaffe or two.

The most beseeching issue facing us as a people?

A tree.

Will Joe Biden enter the fray?  Will he champion the cause that has rallied hundreds of students-with-mush-for-brains to stand up to tyranny and injustice?   Will his aid and comfort end the savagery and return life as we know it to something resembling normalcy?  Will Virginia Tech be whole once again?

Stay tuned.

Biden is rolling into Blacksburg right about now.

Gather up your popcorn and a ringside seat.  This should be a hoot.