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Thursday, August 02, 2012

With Shades Of Seung-Hui Cho

You know, if those we count on in this country to provide safety and security to the populace spent as much time talking to psychiatrists among us - psychiatrists who openly vocalize their concerns about the mental instability of their patients - as they do trying to disarm those of us who are doing no harm, this country would be a better, less tragedy-filled place.

What do Seung-hui Cho and James Holmes have in common?

Both are/were nuts.

And trained professionals knew it in both cases.

And yet both were able to walk the streets.

And slaughter the innocent.

See "The psychiatrist treating the accused Colorado movie theater gunman was so concerned about his behavior that she mentioned it to her colleagues, saying he could potentially be a danger to others."

See "On December 13, 2005, Cho was found 'mentally ill and in need of hospitalization' by New River Valley Community Services Board."

While politicians and law enforcement fret over little metal object that go bang ...

... madmen walk the streets.