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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

And There's a Problem With That?

The editorial staff of the Roanoke Times thinks it important that you know about Virginia's law that allows a person to obtain a concealed-carry gun permit by - in part - sitting through an on-line gun safety course.

See "Shoot! (Or not.)"

The editorial doesn't take an editorial position (yeah, that's more than a tad odd, it being an editorial page), but one presumes that those who fashioned this news item are at least somewhat shocked by the fact that one needn't go through some kind of on-site course in which gun safety is taught.

But be not shocked.  Crime statistics reveal - overwhelmingly - that those who are committing crimes in this land are not those who are sitting through computer courses and obtaining concealed-carry permits.  Virginia's law is working just fine.

When I see an editorial - or a non-editorial - that addresses hoodlums - none of whom obtain a concealed-carry permit - and the havoc they wreak upon our civilian populace, the editorial page of the Roanoke Times will gain my attention.