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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Coal-Fired Power Plant To Close

This one in the heart of Liberal Land - Alexandria.

Everyone there, as you might imagine, is jubilant.

Interest now turns to development of the waterfront property that the plant currently occupies.  It would make for a nice park, some say.

There is, of course, no interest in where the liberals in the area are going to get their electricity next summer at peak usage time.  No interest, no worries.

That'll come next summer.  When the deep-thinkers in La La Land have to slip into their in-ground pools to suffer through air-conditionless days as power outages sweep the area.

Expect George Bush's name to come up a lot at that point in time.

Me?  I think, when talk of redevelopment comes up, they should consider putting up a monument that commemorates the arrogance and vapidity of those who work diligently, without realizing it, to bring darkness to their neighborhoods, a monument that will forever depict those who brought about this wonderful circumstance:

They deserve every bit of that which is soon to befall them.