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Monday, September 24, 2012

Even The WaPo Derides Tim Kaine

A must read: "Woes in Virginia coal fields, energy policy move to fore in U.S. Senate race" in this morning's Washington Post.  The imagery deployed can't be more devastating for the Democrat who has made a career out of never taking a stand that he can't run away from.

The shot that will resound around the Commonwealth:
There is more than coal burning in America’s coal fields these days, and that anger could have an effect on November’s elections in coal-producing swing states such as Virginia. As coal companies idle mines and lay off workers, energy policy has become a hot topic in the U.S. Senate race between former governors Timothy M. Kaine (D) and George Allen (R).

On a campaign swing through southwest Virginia last month, Allen tried to capi­tal­ize on the resentment against Washington. He blamed the Obama administration for a growing number of mine closures and layoffs, and highlighted Kaine’s support for the cap-and-trade approach to limiting greenhouse gases, which scientists say have contributed to global warming. Allen also reminded listeners of Kaine’s close ties to the president as he argued that the Environmental Protection Agency has been using regulations to try to accomplish what the Obama administration failed to enact through Congress.

“These EPA regulations are, in effect, banning coal,” Allen told workers at a Tazewell County firm that manufactures electronic equipment used in mining.

But Kaine fired back this month with a TV ad showing him in a helicopter circling above the Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center, a new coal-fired power plant in Wise County. As governor, Kaine endorsed the Dominion-owned plant and cites it as proof of his support for using “clean” coal to meet America’s power needs. [emphasis mine]
Tim Kaine shows his support for the people of Wise County who are losing their jobs as a direct result of the actions and policies of his best buddy's administration in Washington by flying overhead in a helicopter, thinking good thoughts about them?

As anyone in the coalfields can tell you, that "clean coal" nonsense went out about the same time that bottled water for pets flopped.  Nobody - nobody - buys into that political ploy any longer.

Except Tim Kaine.

He still clings to it like a rat in the Johnstown Flood.

So the Democratic nominee for Senate is depicted as showing how much of a "man of the people" he is by having himself flown high overhead Unemployment Central in a helicopter.

It's the stuff that made Jon Stewart famous.

And a whole mess of Democrats unemployed ...

* I'm going to look for that Kaine ad.  Should be a hoot.