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Thursday, September 27, 2012

How Do You Argue With This?

I suppose, if Obama can be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for having done nothing to deserve it, this "achievement can be bestowed upon him as well:
Newsweek: Obama In Top 10 of Presidents Since Teddy Roosevelt
By Matt Vespa, NewsBusters

Despite having failed to stop let alone reverse the rising of the seas, Barack Obama has made Newsweek’s newest ten best presidents list, which gives readers a top ten of the chief executives since 1900. Newsweek, whose list unsurprisingly is dominated by liberal Democrats, gave this justification for selecting Obama in a caption in a photo slide:

"Picking a sitting president in a tally of the best is tricky – history hasn’t had time to put things in a more sober context. But the historic election of America’s first black president cannot be ignored. That a man whose ancestors included a slave could become the leader of a nation founded to some extent in slavery is as much an achievement for the country as it is a marker for Obama himself. Whether Obama stays or goes, his standing, as a fundamentally groundbreaking president will remain." [link]
Got that?

Obama, according to the really deep thinkers at Newsweek, is one of the greatest presidents in the last hundred years because his skin is dark.

Because his skin is dark.

There are no words ...