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Monday, September 17, 2012

I Come To Maureen Dowd's Defense

Look, liberals are renowned for their goofy belief that conservatives use racial "code words" when communicating with one another.  Words that clearly mean one thing but - to the conservative mind (only)  (and, somehow, the minds of liberal pundits - I never figured that out) - words that mean something else.  Something dastardly.  Something racial.


So along comes poor New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd.  She's known for being less than bright.  And for being sickeningly liberal.  But she was never known for harboring unique capabilities found only in the genes of those sinister conservatives - speaking in code.

Until now.

In "Maureen Dowd meets anti-Semitism charge" we learn that she did just that.  She wrote in code:
"Dowd's use of anti-Semitic imagery is awful," Steven A. Cook, a senior fellow for Middle Eastern studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, wrote on Twitter.

"Maureen may not know this, but she is peddling an old stereotype, that gentile leaders are dolts unable to resist the machinations and manipulations of clever and snake-like Jews," Jeffrey Goldberg, the Atlantic columnist and leading journalist on Israeli issues, wrote.

"[A]mazing that apparently nobody sat her down and said, this is not OK," Blake Hounshell, the managing editor of Foreign Policy magazine, tweeted.

On the right, The Weekly Standard's Daniel Halper called it "outrageous," while Commentary's Jonathan Tobin described it as "particularly creepy."

"Dowd’s column marks yet another step down into the pit of hate-mongering that has become all too common at the Times," Tobin wrote. "This is a tipping point that should alarm even the most stalwart liberal Jewish supporters of the president."

Hate-mongering?  Can ignorance monger hate?


But words writ - whether by conservatives or (ditzy) liberals - have meaning.  This gal didn't say anything about Jews.  Nor did she imply anything that would lead one to believe that she had Jews in mind when she wrote about some "'neocon puppet master' who was leading the neocon effort to 'slither back' into power." Sure, she might have had this guy in mind. And yes, he's Jewish. But she never mentioned his name nor addressed his ethnicity/religion.  So we're dealing with a big assumption about Dowd here.  One usually made by morons on the Left.

Besides, not all "neocons" are Jews.  This guy - a blood-thirsty neo-conservative in good standing - one I admire greatly - is Lutheran.

Maureen Dowd is known for a lot of things.  None of them good nor wholesome.  But "speaking in code"?