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Sunday, September 02, 2012

I Feel Left Out

It was so easy, years ago, to spot the racists among us.  Especially when they wore hoods and used "the N word" a lot.

Unfortunately, the hoods disappeared in the 70's and use of "the N word" became a crime against the state, right up there with drug trafficking.  The 1st Amendment being amended to disallow any freedom to speak such offense.

So, it's become darn near impossible to locate the bastards.

If they still exist.

Ah, but they must.

Because the lefties in this country have found them.

Well, not exactly.

But they have found their code book.

From it they've been able to determine: "Why (and How) Romney is Playing the Race Card."

So you know, the author of that silly piece, Ron Fornier, editor-in-chief of National Journal, apparently came upon "the code" while talking to two individuals in a restaurant in McComb County, Michigan.  They uttered words like "welfare" and "lazy," were therefore talking about black people, and were, therefore Romney supporters, who is, therefore, a racist.

Or some such.

It was all so simple long ago.  Hoods.  "The N word."

Now it requires super-intelligent sleuths from liberal magazines with keen investigative talents to spot the racists who live among us.  One of which is Mitt Romney.  Whether he knows it or not.

Yeah, one might think all this is just wishful thinking on Fornier's part.  But, hey, he's got the code book.  So don't doubt him.

Besides, he's a journalist.  And we all know journalists don't make stuff up.

- - -

Mark Steyn: "And so it goes with American racism: The less there is, the more extravagantly the racism-awareness lobby patrols its beat."