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Monday, September 17, 2012

I Have a Better Idea

The Roanoke Times editorial page this morning goes to great lengths advocating which Virginia kids should be exempt from being required to attend (public) school and which shouldn't.  See "Take religion out of education waivers."

The key point (I think):

"About 7,000 children in Virginia are exempted from public school attendance under a vaguely worded state law that forces school officials into the awkward position of judging religious beliefs and creates the potential that some youngsters receive no education at all."

(They're always so hung up on that religion thing.)

That school officials not be placed into that awkward position of judging we agree.

But here's where we differ: I think all children should be exempted from public school attendance.


Jerry wants America's children to grow up stupid and unprepared for adult life?

No.  I want them to no longer graduate from public school stupid and unprepared for adult life.

Make school voluntary.


That's right.


And when our children no longer feel like they are being warehoused, when they and their parents are forced to decide their own futures, when they realize that the decision to succeed or fail is theirs to make and not the government's, watch things in this country change for the better.

Or continue down the path we're on and watch the majority of American kids continue to graduate stupid and unprepared for adult life.  And hope and pray we continue to get a lot of smart and well-educated immigrants from India coming to this country to take care of the idiots.