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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Thought We Had This Argument

Seventy years ago.

And we decided that flouride was good for our children's teeth.

Looks like someone forgot to tell the "progressives" out in Portland:

In Portland, fluoride debate is ideological clash

This is almost bizarre:

"When someone moves to Portland from another state — and that's most people you meet in this city of transplants — their new dentist takes one look at their excellent teeth and concludes they must have been raised elsewhere, a place that puts fluoride in its drinking water."

What is up with that?

There must be something in the drinking water in Portland that makes the people there stark raving idiots.

But it sure ain't flouride.

The weird story:
Many in Portland and the state have long opposed public fluoridation, saying it's unsafe and violates an individual's right to consent to medication. While 73 percent of the U.S. population drinks water treated with fluoride, the rate is less than 25 percent in Oregon.

Portland voters twice rejected fluoride before approving it in 1978. They overturned their decision before it was ever added to the water.

The issue re-emerged last month, when a coalition of health and other organizations that had been lobbying the council for more than a year gained the public support of Commissioner Randy Leonard.
I'm surprised the outside world isn't blaming the Tea Party for this nonsense only a neanderthal could love. We are the neanderthals, right?

But no. These are the really smart liberals among us who believe there's some kind of plot against them being dumped into their drinking water.

Strange bunch, these ... progressives.