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Sunday, September 23, 2012

More 'Green' Madness

The German government, so committed to its wind and solar energy programs - both proving to be wildly fluctuating and inefficient - is forcing fossil fuel plant owners to not shut down and to continue to operate at a loss so as to keep providing intermittent power when the other two fail.

As they are.  Failing.

Only in EnviroBizarroWorld.

The lesson Democrats (like Nutcake Tim Kaine) in this country need to learn:

"Germany ... has gone more aggressively down the renewables route than any other country in the world. Having poured hundreds of billions of euros in subsidies into wind and solar power, making its electricity bills almost the highest in Europe, the picture that Germany presents is, on paper, almost everything the most rabid greenie could want. Last year, its wind turbines already had 29GW of capacity, equivalent to a quarter of Germany’s average electricity demand. But because these turbines are even less efficient than our own, their actual output averaged only 5GW, and most of the rest had to come from grown-up power stations, ready to supply up to 29GW at any time and then switch off as the wind picked up again."

That could be us.  If we let the Democrats continue taking us down that path.

Let's not.

Vote November 6.

- - -

Meanwhile, here in this country, in response to the news that "within the next three to five years, more than 200 [very reliable and much more efficient] coal-fired electric generating units will be shut down across 25 states due to EPA regulations and factors including cheap natural gas," "Gaius" has this:
Look, folks, I am in this field. I have been for more than 30 years. Losing 36,000 MWs of the most cost-efficient generation capacity in the US is a disaster. You have no idea how bad the increases are going to be. They will be disastrous to the individual energy consumers and apocalyptic to large users – those who create jobs.

I shudder to think of what this is going to do to grid reliability as well. A lot of those coal plants help support the grid during disruptions. They regularly provide both energy and MVARs (Mega Volt-Ampere Reactive) that keep the grid from collapsing when large loads are added or lost. (That’s about as simple as I can make it and still be understood.) Losing these stabilizers will make it very hard to hold the grid. I pity the load dispatchers.

Trust me, people, this is a very big, very bad thing that is happening as a direct result of Barack Obama’s war on coal.
What in God's name are these people doing to us?