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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Some Jews Still Support Obama?

Yep.  And Glenn Beck found one of them.

From The Blaze:
Anti-Christian Hate Speech Spews From the Palm Beach Democratic Chairman

As reported on TheBlaze, Democrats returned the words “God” and “Jersusalem” to their DNC platform on Wednesday afternoon. The vote was controversial and actually booed by many in the hall.

Shortly after that content change, Mark Alan Siegel, the Palm Beach County Democrat Chairman spoke with Scottie Hughes of Patriot TV and made some rather pointed and anti-Christian statements. Mr. Siegel was wearing a “Jews for Obama” pin. Ms. Hughes spotted the pin and asked the chairman about his support for Obama despite the administration’s record with Israel.

Here are a couple of the offensive comments made by the Palm Beach Democratic Chairman:

“I’m Jewish, I’m not a fan of any other religion than Judaism.”

“The worst possible allies for the Jewish state are the fundamentalist Christians who want Jews to die and convert so they can bring on the second coming of their Lord.”
I'm looking for that passage in the New Testament that describes such a road map to Armageddon. Haven't found it yet.

Such hatred. You'd think this old fool would save the venom and direct it toward those who actually profess their detestation of all thing Judaic.

But no. This guy hates Christians. And their religion.

And he's a Democratic Party chairman.

Goes a long way toward explaining that shocking vote at the Democratic Convention the other day, no?