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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stupid? Or Clueless. You Decide.

I heard the audio on the radio the other night.  Comedian David Letterman asked the President how high our national debt was and I could tell that Obama had no idea.

And I yelled to no one there:

The President of the United States doesn't know that we have accumulated over sixteen trillion dollars in debt - a disproportionate share of which was racked up by him!

Michelle Malkin had this response:

"But I’ll bet anything he knows precisely how much his campaign took in at Jay-Z and Beyonce’s fundraiser last night."

There are matters important and there are matters unimportant.

Reelection?  It's everything.

Our grandchildren's future?

Hey, Dave, did you hear the one about the rabbi, the priest, and the imam?



- - -

Obama is a profile in courage as well.  When asked about the exploding debt crisis, he told Letterman that it isn't a "short-term problem" so, therefore, to relax.  It'll be someone else's crisis some day so no worries.  

A response that defines the Democratic Party, 2012 perfectly.