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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Latest Poll Here In The Commonwealth

There's been a lot of talk about polls lately so I thought I'd run up the latest one released here in Virginia..

From "Suffolk University/NBC12 Poll: Decision Virginia remains a dead heat The race is not over yet":
We are getting a better idea of just how close the race for president is in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

NBC12 partnered with Suffolk University to conduct a poll on the election.

Most swing state polls show President Barack Obama opening up a sizable lead, but here in Virginia the race is a virtual tie. In Ohio, Florida and Colorado polls show President Obama taking control. But a new Suffolk University/ NBC12 poll shows that is not the case in Virginia.

In our poll President Obama is holding on to a slim 2 point lead. Roughly 7% of Virginia voters are still undecided and pollster David Paleologos believes the president still has work to do.

"I can tell you with a high degree of confidence this is a close race, this is not a landslide for Barack Obama," he said.

But the news for Mitt Romney is not all good.

Votes still like President Obama more than they do the republican nominee. More than 52% view Obama favorably, while only 42% feel that way about Romney. More voters have a negative opinion of Romney than a positive one.

According to Paleogolos, being liked has never been the president's problem. [link]
Obama is up by two. Looks like Romney has him right where he wants him.