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Monday, September 03, 2012

The Perfect Metaphor

The Empty Chair Presidency.

Timothy Dalrymple provides the biography of Barack Obama that the mainstream press refuses to countenance:
To everyone who has not consumed the Kool Aid, Barack Obama seems strikingly insubstantial. ”Senator Present” from Illinois became a U. S. Senator who was more interested in campaigning than legislating. Then he became an empty promise in the 2008 campaign, a micron-thin veneer of glitz and glamor over a hollow core, an empty screen onto which everyone projected their wishes.

President Obama has consistently been absent, more concerned about branding than leadership, with image and atmospherics than truly rallying the troops and harnessing our resources and solving our most pressing problems. He turned over the task of crafting solutions on the stimulus bill and the health care bill to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, who predictably butchered it. He botched the budget compromise with John Boehner and withdrew from the process. When he thought that partisan gridlock in Congress might make him look bad, rather than forging into the gridlock and navigating a way forward he withdrew to the White House and played over 100 rounds of golf.
As the country's unemployment and underemployment problems worsened, as personal wealth and household income declined, as the national debt soared beyond catastrophic, as the Democrats were running amok in Congress passing onerous regulation after burdensome regulation, not to mention that awful monstrosity that will forever be called ObamaCare, Barry was off campaigning. Or golfing. Or collecting Peace Prizes. Or preening.

Never governing.

His is - was - the Empty Chair Presidency.

And we are the worse for it.