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Friday, September 14, 2012

This Is Rich

First, I want you to think back to the days when Americans were fighting and dying in Iraq, and every Democrat was - every day - doing his damnest to turn American attitudes against Bush and "his war." They were relentless.  To the point of declaring - according to a leading Democrat Senator at the time - that our troops were Nazis.

Fast forward to September 11 of this year when Mitt Romney castigated the numskull who wrote that veiled apology that came out of our Cairo embassy.  (A castigation that Obama later in the day - in effect - signed off on.)

From the comments to this weblog yesterday, we were treated with this, from an apparent Obama supporter:
On the afternoon of September 11th, all Americans united behind our President as he responded to this ongoing and rapidly expanding situation. The President was in the midst of getting the story, putting together a plan of action, and initiating efforts to determine next steps. All logical steps where partisan sniping had no place.

At the same point in time during this current international crises, Romney elected to try and make political hay.

That action demonstrates that Romney isn't interested in our nation. He's interested only in getting elected.

And that makes him unfit for office.

Any bets on whether the anonymous author of that critique of Romney's carefully worded admonition was as bitter toward Reid and Durbin (see "Nazi" comment above) and Pelosi and Kerry and ... yes, Barack Obama when brave Americans were dying in Baghdad every day?

You can just bet he/she was.

How odd how the moral outrage can be turned on and off.