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Monday, September 03, 2012

Uh, Three Guesses

This about former White House "green czar," (and self-avowed commie) Van Jones and the Obama-administration-that-never-came-to-be is humorous:

"Van Jones, a former White House official whose background in grassroots organizing gave him a different perspective from those of officials who’d come from the Clinton administration, summed up the consternation felt by many Obama supporters. 'Who killed the hope?' Jones wondered. 'And what happened?'"

If only Obama had had "grassroots organizers" in his administration instead of those insiders from the Clinton years, all that hope would have been realized.

Only one problem.  Who is the numero uno "grassroots organizer" in the land?

Mr. Community Organizer himself.

Does that mean that Obama failed himself?

Himself and so many others.

Though this commie is too blind to see it.