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Thursday, September 20, 2012

WaPo Envisions a Macaca Moment

This is what they're capable of.  And what they're willing to do to get their guy elected.  From 2008:

"Even by the usual standards, the Washington Post’s coverage of the Virginia Senate race between incumbent George Allen and former Secretary of the Navy Jim Webb has been remarkably one-sided. Since mid-August, the Post has published approximately 100 newspaper articles and editorials about allegations that Allen is racist."

That in a news ... paper.

Turn that dial to today:

Washington Post Tabloid Hypes 'Crushing Blow' in Romney Tape, And It's 'Just the Latest Misstep'

Mitt Romney is - according to those at the Washington Post who want desperately for him to be defeated - dealt a crushing blow.  Again.

As James Taranto wrote Tuesday:

"Uh-oh, Romney's lost the election again."

The Washington Post wasn't to be trusted then.  It's not to be trusted now.