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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Where We Need To Go From Here

We need to go in the opposite direction from that which Obama and Hillary are taking us.

Walter Russell Mead sums it up:
The Middle East mess calls President Obama’s policy of engagement with democratic forces in the region ... into question. The events in Libya and Egypt—combined with the bloody chaos in Syria—make Americans more eager to wash their hands of this tormented region. They don’t want to bomb, they don’t want to build; they want to get out. Getting out of Iraq was popular; getting in to Libya was not—and going in to Syria looks, politically, about as smart as sticking your hand into a wood chipper.
If I hear those two talk about "peace in the Middle East" one more time, I'm going to vomit. I couldn't care less whether they have peace or war or pestilence or rampant venereal disease. Everyone in that part of the world can die and I don't care.

Enough with the assistance. Enough with the encouragement. Enough with the cooperation. Enough with the engagement.  Enough with the cash.

Get the U.S. out of Egypt and Libya and Yemen and Tunisia and Morocco and Algeria. Now. Enough is enough.