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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Why The Jobs Number Was So Bad

Even though our president indicated that it was another fine month of "job growth," it was, in truth, another month of disappointing net job loss.

What's "net job loss"?

Factor into an equation the number of people out there with jobs along with the number of people of working age (16 to 64) and you get AWFUL.


With population growth comes the need for the availability of jobs for all those entering the workforce.

Here's how population in the U.S. is growing:

A healthy, robust economy would reflect a similar growth pattern.  Instead, here's the chart showing the number of people with jobs - over time - here in the U.S:

Obama will look at that and say, "Thank God - and me - for food stamps."  Oh, and "the private sector is doing fine."  Smart people, though, will look at it and say, "We're in big trouble.  And that trouble is accelerating at breakneck pace."

It's not doing fine, genius.

Not even.

See "The Jobs Deficit" in today's Wall Street Journal.

See also "Those Jobless Numbers Are Even Worse Than They Look."

And couple all that with this:  Average wages in this country are on a precipitous decline:

It's time to be very worried.