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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Message From The Coalfields

Delivered by Robert Stacy McCain:

"There was a time, half a century ago, when Democrats stood firmly on the side of coal miners and enacted programs to help alleviate the cruel poverty that for so long plagued rural Appalachia. Now, under the control of environmentalists, the Democratic Party is the coal miner's worst enemy and threatens Appalachia with a new kind [of] poverty, even crueler for being the result of a deliberate policy. Folks in America's coal towns have not yet lost hope, even as they have been betrayed by the president who famously promised Hope. The end of Obama's war on coal may now be within sight, and the people of Coal Country could cast the deciding votes to end it."

"The Democratic Party ...threatens Appalachia with a new kind of poverty ..."  Just ask the folks over in Boone County, where the unemployment rate has nearly doubled in one year.   A county whose citizens are so enraged by Obama's environmental policies that they chose to nominate federal inmate number 11593-051 to be president in the Democrat primary in May over Obama.

Shoulda sent a message.

Message ignored.

Now it's crunch time.

And Obama needs their votes ...