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Thursday, October 04, 2012

About The Debate

I must confess, I didn't watch it.  Believe it or not, I was working and didn't get home until Eleven.

So I'll let the Wall Street Journal provide the assessment:
What worked for Mr. Romney on Wednesday was his confident demeanor and mastery of the policy detail, stitched together into a critique of the incumbent and clear explanation of the election stakes. Undecided voters saw a different challenger than they've been reading about, or seeing on TV, and the race is finally on.

[O]verall, and more than once, we caught ourselves saying, Where has this Romney guy been hiding?
Kinda refreshing to have a presidential candidate described as being ... presidential, doesn't it? How many years has it been?

Looks like Romney did well for himself. And it appears that Obama, sans teleprompter, was hopelessly lost. Or simply disinterested.

The race now begins.

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Yeah, he's partisan.  But Power Line's John Hinderaker is totally pumped:
I’ve been watching presidential debates for quite a few years, but I have never seen one like this. It wasn’t a TKO, it was a knockout. Mitt Romney was in control from the beginning. He was the alpha male, while Barack Obama was weak, hesitant, stuttering, often apologetic. The visuals were great for Romney and awful for Obama. Obama looked small, tired, defeated after four years of failure, out of ammo. One small point among many: Obama doesn’t even know how to stand at a podium, as he continually lifted up one leg. He would be below average as a high school debater.

There were 1,800 people on Power Line Live tonight, and the verdict was unanimous: it was a great night for the forces of good.
Seems so.

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Glenn Reynolds:

"Romney was channeling Reagan. Obama was channeling Biden."