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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Just As Important As Romney's Command Performance

Obama's utter failure:
Not debatable: Obama stumbled
By Glenn Thrush, Politico

Denver — It had been nearly 1,400 days since Barack Obama strode onto a debate stage — and it showed in a major way Wednesday at the first presidential debate of 2012. Obama, who has spent most of the past four years speaking to hand-picked interviewers or lecturing audiences required to remain mostly mute while he spoke, struggled to shake off the rust in a jostling debate environment that gave his opponent Mitt Romney parity, equal time — and a new lease on political life.

The president’s staff has played down expectations — voters expected the president to win the debate by a 2-to-1 margin in some polls — and they had good reason, as it turned out.

Obama smiled at the start ... [but] he seemed tense and defensive at times, and professorial, despite his staff’s public urging that he shorten and lighten up his answers during three days of debate prep in a Las Vegas suburb. [link]
It probably won't make a difference. But it might.

For America's sake, let's hope this debate launches ... change.

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For your viewing pleasure, here's Chris Matthews soiling his undies over Obama's self-destruction (oops, link bad; now fixed):

Hilarious. It wasn't a tingle running down his leg this time. It was diarrhea.

Cry your eyes out, loser.  We enjoy the sight.