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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Liberalism Takes A Crushing Blow

Jennifer Rubin on Obama's fall from grace and liberalism's accompanying descent:
On one level you can see the shattering of the image these and so many other Obama worshipers created. From deity to chump in four years. He was no mortal politician for them, so the fall is as grandiose as was the messiah-like aura they created.

The left’s freak-out is instructive of their view that Obama the candidate flopped but that liberalism as a cause was unblemished. In fact, Obama’s record and rhetoric on everything from hostility to business to regret for America’s international “triumphalism” to pro-abortion extremism (abortion up to the moment of birth, paid for by the government) to the expansion of the liberal welfare state is as close as a president has ever come to the left’s undistilled worldview. His failure to revive the economy after gorging on Keynesianism, like his one-man-wrecking crew in the “peace process” (evidencing the hard left’s antipathy toward the Jewish state), is, in essence, not only a personal failure. His ideas, the left’s hymnal, collapsed on contact with reality.
Not since the days of Lyndon Johnson have liberals gotten everything they ever asked for. Not until 2009, when Obama came to the White House, with his Democrats - nearly all as radically liberal as he is - having control of both chambers of Congress. From them came nationalized health care, mountains of banking regulations, thousands of pages of new environmental restrictions on business, and government spending the likes of which no country - including ours - had ever seen before.

And along with all that came a perpetually weak economy, skyrocketing fuel and utility prices, and crushing unemployment.

Liberals will now start blaming Obama for the massive failures of the last four years.

But they'll not get away with it.

We - and our desendants - will have them to hold to account for what they've done to this once-strong and once-proud nation.