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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Roanoke Times Endorses Little Known Dem

Say it ain't so!

The crazy-liberal editorial staff of the Roanoke Times has done the totally unpredictable.  It has decided to endorse the elusive and equally crazy-liberal Anthony Flaccavento for Congress.

See "Flaccavento in the 9th District."

Boiling down the enthusiastic imprimatur to one sentence, they offer this:

"Flaccavento offers moderation and focuses on people, not industry. While he supports coal mining, he recognizes that it will not provide stable employment and a solid economic base for the region indefinitely, no matter what Washington does. Instead, he wants to bring home tools and investment that will allow workers to transition to new industries for long-term success."

What those "new industries for long-term success" are neither the candidate nor his sycophants at the Times is willing to outline.  But it basically comes down to "organic farming."  A guaranteed business endeavor for all the former coal miners who live on mountainsides in Buchanan, Wise, Russell, Lee, Dickenson, and Tazewell Counties.  If they can learn how make organic arugula defy gravity.

Which makes one wonder about this:

"Coal miners and their families could have no greater friend than challenger Flaccavento."

Since he's on record (see above) as favoring "transitioning" from coal (to God knows what), shouldn't that read "Laid off coal miners and their destitute families"?

So the Times endorses another woefully confused liberal who is unwilling to stop the federal government from shutting down the rest of Southwest Virginia's mines.  Stop the presses.