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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Romney Breaks Out

You know why President Franklin Roosevelt refused to debate Wendell Wilkie in the 1940 race for the White House?  He didn't want to give his Republican opponent the chance to be on the same stage and look at all presidential.

Probably a smart move.

As Barack Obama is finding out.

That's Gallup's trend line showing likely voters and their preferences over time.  The black line (now at 51%) represents those who were likely to vote for Mitt Romney on/after October 12, after the 1st debate (and after the Ryan/Biden debate).

What's it mean?

Give the guy the chance to work around the Obama/media distortion machine - allow Romney to appear before the American people uncut, uncensored, unadulterated - and a president emerges.

Maybe Obama and the press should have done more to keep Romney from public view?

Bottom line: Most Americans have been looking for a reason to vote against Barack Obama.  They've found it.