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Monday, October 01, 2012

Sarah Palin Was Right About 'Death Panels'

Not to anyone's surprise, I'm guessing:

[Former Obama 'Czar'] Steven Rattner: 'We Need Death Panels'; Will PolitiFact Reverse 'Lie of the Year' Tag on Palin?

If you think about it, Obama Death Panels are the only way a government-run health care program - considering the population's age and overall demographics - can control costs.  It has to deny service to someone.  If the government controlling costs is the only order of the day.   And who better to deny service to than America's old people who are deemed non-life supporting anyway.

Remember that now-infamous TV ad that had Paul Ryan pushing granny over a cliff?

Well, that wasn't Paul Ryan.

That's Saint Barry.

St. Barry The Magnificent is going to be snuffing old people because his plan can't support them.

It's not as if you weren't warned that this was where we were headed.

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I and many other smart people looked at Obama's proposal early on - with its promise to (a) improve the quality of health care, (b) expand coverage to millions of Americans free of charge, and (c) make it all less expensive, and determined that Obama was either (a) lying through his teeth or (b) woefully ignorant.  The jury is still out as to which it is.  But there is no (c).