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Monday, October 22, 2012

Times-Dispatch Endorses George Allen

Expect to see a lot of this this week:
Virginia's Senate Race: Endorsement
Richmond Times-Disptach

The race opened as a toss-up and remains one of the country's marquee contests. The call is close. Today The Times-Dispatch endorses George Allen.

Allen ranks among Virginia's most consequential chief executives in modern times. His accomplishments include welfare reform, school standards and accountability and the abolition of parole. Allen secured passage of key proposals in a General Assembly he did not control. He accomplished things.

Allen tried to cut taxes; Kaine wanted to raise them.

Throughout his career, Allen has not displayed a passion for social issues. His party would benefit from his voice.

The Times-Dispatch admires Allen and Kaine as politicians and as human beings. We recommend Allen's election without reservation. His votes as a senator would more accurately reflect Virginia's preferences. Cast your ballot for him. [link]
Reasonable. Well thought out. Cogent.