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Monday, October 01, 2012

We Deserve Better From Our Gov't

A letter was sent to the Wall Street Journal by Deputy Secretary of State William J. Burns the other day.  In it, he asked that America not ask questions about the Libya debacle.  Not now.  Because everyone at the State Department is in mourning over the loss of compatriots and friends.  He asks that we give his team members a chance to continue the grieving process.

He doesn't give any indication as to when we can talk to his boss about how it is that their department created conditions that allowed for four of our fellow Americans to be completely defenseless - on 9/11 - in the most hostile Islamist region on the planet.  A lack of preparedness that deserves an explanation.  An egregious lack of foresight that contributed directly to their deaths

Some day.  Maybe.  But not now.

I'm not sure I blame him for wanting to avoid such a discussion.

So let's just shut down the freaking government until he and his kind are finished with the tears and woe.

Sooner or later, though, we are going to get answers, pal.