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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Despite What You Read In The Papers ...

Roanoke College Poll: Late deciders push Romney to narrow lead over Obama in Va.; Allen overtakes Kaine in Va. Senate race

The poll says Romney has a "very narrow" lead of five points over the President.  49% to 44%.  (Among likely voters.)  Which isn't narrow at all.  That's landslide material in a two-way presidential race.

As it stands now, according to the poll, George Allen has amassed a "very narrow" margin over Tim Kaine as well.  47% to 42%.

The real shocker?

"Employing a more stringent screen for likely voters ... increases Romney's lead to 54 percent to 41 percent and Allen's lead to 51 percent to 39 percent."

Don't get cocky though.  We need all of you to get out and vote Tuesday.  At least once.

America's future depends on you.