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Monday, November 05, 2012

Times-Dispatch Goes With Romney

I must agree with the estimate drawn here by the Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial page (yesterday).  But I wonder, is it because Mitt Romney has done so well as a campaigner or because Barack Obama has done so poorly - as has the country - that the enthusiasm level runs so high?

Election 2012: On Tuesday
Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial

The Times-Dispatch reiterates its endorsement of Mitt Romney for president with considerable enthusiasm — more than we anticipated even a few months ago. We believe his common-sense economic policies, his steady demeanor and his remarkably successful experience in the private sector will enable him to pull the country out of the long-term economic stupor created by President Obama's reliance on ever-expanding government.

Romney has passed the commander-in-chief test and will defend freedom and American interests abroad. He is a man of sound judgment and good character, perhaps more earnest than most presidential aspirants, certainly more accomplished.

Obama has been a disappointment. Our post-partisan president has become our most partisan president. His assaults on Romney's honesty are particularly discouraging, given the Obama campaign's own singular reliance on misleading attack ads. In our endorsement one week ago, we felt it necessary to state that Romney would not "lie to the American people every time he opens his mouth." We were not casting aspersions on the incumbent. We were, instead, defending Romney in the face of Obama's relentless attempts to undermine his integrity.

It is, most emphatically, time for America to hire a new president. [link]
That time is tomorrow. Be there.