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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Where's W When You Need Someone To Blame?

Katrina!  Katrina!  Katrina!

It all made sense.  George W. Bush was a boob.  And FEMA, because he was a boob, was a woeful mess. And New Orleans suffered because of it.

Then he was gone.

But FEMA is still around.

Oh, my.

The New York Times this morning:
In many places that the storm pounded in its relentless push into the Northeast, there was a profound sense of isolation, with whole towns on Long Island still cut off from basic information, supplies and electricity. People in washed-out neighborhoods said they felt increasingly desperate. “Everything involving our lives is a matter of exhaustion,” said Nancy Reardon, 45, who waited for gas for five hours on Saturday in Massapequa.

Vikki Quinn, standing amid ruined belongings in front of her flooded house in Long Beach, said she felt lost. “I just keep waiting for someone with a megaphone and a car to just tell us what to do,” she said.

Hundreds of thousands of homes on Long Island were still without power Saturday, and frustration with the utilities, particularly Long Island Power Authority, continued to rise. “LIPA, get your act together,” Edward P. Mangano, the Nassau County executive, wrote on his Facebook page Saturday. “This response and lack of communication with customers is shameful.”
Sounds a whole lot like the Katrina narrative, doesn't it?

Only two things missing.  The names Bush and Obama.

Unlike the 2005 New Orleans disaster, which was blamed by the Times solely on the former, the latter certainly can't be saddled with the tragedy that is unfolding on Staten Island.  


So expect the New York Times to blame W. for Sandy and the devastation it brought too.

Obama, after all, is our first black president, and all that ...