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Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas As It Should Be Celebrated

With family.

Thought I'd share this photo with you:

While the rest of the clan was gathered around the fireplace, staying warm on a frigid day, Kaid, Chase and I went to the back of my property to shoot up the countryside.

We had a blast (sorry; pun).

At the same time, both children learned something about gun safety, and about responsibility, and about busting targets (something they became proficient at quickly), and about the bond that holds us together.

Good time had by all.

* That's a Remington Nylon 66 .22, in case you're wondering.
** Yes, both mothers were freaking out.
*** Mothers, on occasion, need to man-up.
**** Hello. It's winter. Did anyone not know that when they brought these poor, under-clothed children to my house?

The Other Issue

I remember a quote that went something like this:

"It's far better to keep quiet during an argument and have everybody think you're an idiot than it is to open your mouth and eliminate all doubt."

Mark Twain maybe?


There is a good deal of buzz in the weblog world this morning over the fact that some feminist (who feels so strong about her convictions that she writes under a pseudonym - ahem) has had all she can take of Barack Obama.

See "Taylor Marsh throws in the towel on Obama."


I'm less interested in this character's loss of faith in her man than I am in the fact that she can't put a constructive thought to paper. Read her sentence constructions carefully and you'll see what I mean. (A sampling: "...I no longer feel the urgency to support a political party who [that] has threatened dire consequences if I don’t vote for them [it]." "... Pres. Obama has also chosen to short-change women again and again on our freedoms, starting in the health care bill, then by executive order that empowered conservatives of both parties, and finally by making the decision on Plan B that would have come from Mitt Romney, too" [say that again?].

So we care about this illiterate person's unintelligible musings why?

College Prepares Youth For the Jobs Of Tomorrow

Uh, well, actually no, it doesn't. College takes your (student loan) money and feeds you shit like this:

Columbia University is offering a new course on Occupy Wall Street next semester ...

That's sure to reduce the currently unmet demand for engineers and machinists in this country.

A four-year undergraduate degree at Columbia, by the way, will cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of a quarter-million dollars.

I wonder if there'll be a major set up in "Occupy."

I wonder what kind of moron would enroll in such a course of study.

Not all is gloom and doom, though. I hear McDonald's is in hiring mode.

A Winning Strategy For 2012

Nobody knows who the Republican nominee is going to be in 2012. Romney? Gingrich? Paul?

Whoever it is, one thing applies to all. The strategy that will take him to the White House.

And Michael Barone spells it out:

Lesson: If you want redistribution, you’d better first produce growth. Which the Obama Democrats’ policies have failed to do.

A famous quote from Ronald Reagan also applies:

"Are you better off now than you were four years ago?"

Fact of the matter?

After three years of Obama being focused on jobs - day and night - and making it his number one priority - there are more unemployed Americans in this country than there were the day he took office.

He has failed in his prime mission as president.

Democrats in 2012 will try to make the election about Mormons. And about George W. Bush ("the failed policies of the past"). And about those evil rich people who have prevented the most powerful man on the planet from getting his job done (temporarily, but they'll be crushed in the end).

But America is not in a mood to play their game.

It's about jobs. And getting this country moving again.

A final quote to remember. It comes from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie:

Let’s be real clear, President Barack Obama came out to Iowa three years ago and he talked to you about hope and change. Well let me tell you after three years of Obama, we are hopeless and changeless and we need Mitt Romney to bring us back, to bring America back.”

Whether it's Romney or Santorum or Gingrich, that theme shouldn't change. We have in three short years gone from "hope and change" to "hopeless and changeless."

The Republican candidate for president should shout that message from the mountaintops.

A More Reliable Number To Go By

Like a lot of people, I get a bit peeved when I read somewhere that the number of Americans who became unemployed in a given month rose, but the unemployment rate in that same month declined. I know I'm not all that bright, but how can that be?

Well, it can be. Because it so happens that a whole lot of people are simply dropping out of the workforce. They are no longer "employable." A phenomenon that has caused me on occasion to quip: When we're all out of work we will have achieved zero unemployment. (It has to do with numerators and denominators. Look it up.)

So, for a more reliable indicator, I'm moving away from the (aggravating) monthly unemployment percentage and looking more toward the number of employed Americans in this country.

To that end, this chart, from The Atlantic, is telling:

It shows (in addition to the jobless rate) that fewer Americans have jobs today than did 30 years ago.

All those in that hump between then and now?



Flat gone.

Who do we blame for that?


So how does the rabidly anti-gun Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (yes, it still exists) explain the fact that more Americans bought guns over the counter in the month of December than in any month in our history?

"The research we've seen indicates fewer and fewer people are owning more and more guns."

Owning more guns without doubt.

But fewer and fewer people?

In your dreams, babe.

Time Is Running Short

Global warming Global warmists are on the verge of altering our way of life in a most destructive - and irreversible - way.

From S. Fred Singer, PhD:
Within the United States, and also elsewhere, global warming scares have become a means of transferring taxpayer money to politically influential cronies. There is now so much "crony capitalism" that it would be difficult to reverse or even stop the ongoing subsidies, outright grants, tax breaks, and other transfers to privileged groups.

Time is becoming short. We're reaching a tipping point -- not of the earth's climate, but of the financial schemes that permanently divert funds from productive activities into wasteful ones, all in the name of "saving the climate." The results are evident: higher levels of spending, deficits, or taxes; higher prices for energy and electricity and therefore for all manufactured goods; less productive activity; less employment; and more misery.

It seems odd that all of this is essentially based on a fake -- the data that seem to show a (nonexistent) warming. It will be difficult to overturn this notion, but we must keep trying. [link]

It's all a lie. And we're suffering for it every day.

Someone needs to go to prison. For a very long time.

It's Seems So Long Ago ...

... and a world apart.

An era when the mainstream press took an interest - sometimes vicious, always jaundiced - in Americans at war.

Long, long ago:

Remember SSgt Frank D. Wuterich: The last Haditha Marine goes on trial

Odd how the liberal media no longer care about the circumstances, or about the Marine they all willfully slandered.

Here's to Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich. May justice prevail.

Huh. And From The Washington Post.

This, from sports columnist Sally Jenkins, about Tim Tebow and his Christian faith, is actually thoughtful and considerate:

Bill Maher and Tim Tebow: Why are so so many offended by the quarterback’s faith?

A good line: " I’m having a hard time seeing anything wrong with Tim Tebow taking a prayer knee in public. The knee seems a pretty plain and graceful statement, and it’s tiresome to see it so willfully misinterpreted. It’s the preachers from the top of Mount Idiot like Bill Maher who are hard to understand."

You go, girl.