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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Let It Be Noted ...

... for every story the Washington Post editorial page weaves into a call for gun sales to be made more restrictive because crazy people obtain them and do bad things with them ...

... there are hundreds of stories appearing in America's newspapers about mothers protecting - in the only way they're physically capable - their children and themselves against armed (with a knife) intruders by shooting them, and stories about madmen who inflict mayhem upon our society by means that don't involve the use of guns.

The myopia-impaired editorialists at the Post see a small portion of the real world out here.  And draw conclusions from their limited view.

Those of us who don't labor under such affliction?

End of story.

Cause. Effect.

When capitalism reigned supreme in this country, Americans celebrated stories about "rags to riches."  Stories about "self-made millionaires."  Stories about achievement by overcoming adversity.

Today, with capitalism falling into disfavor and government now running our lives, we read story after story like this, from today's New York Times:

Harder for Americans to Rise From Lower Rungs

And this, from today's Washington Post:

The danger in a declining middle class

Capitalism is on the decline. So is the American Dream. Both trends are still reversible.

But the clock ticks.

How To Spot a Radical Leftist

They don't have long hair.  They don't wear bell-bottoms and refuse to bathe.

They run things.  And, in the process, defy the Constitution.

See Contempt for Congress.

Feel contempt for a president who would think so little of our way of life.

November.  November.  November.

On Us Climate Neanderthals

Are we skeptics engaged in the "full moral depravity of the climate change disinformation campaign"?

Or are we responding to the incontrovertible fact that the planet is not warming?

See "RSS Satellite Data Shows No Arctic Warming For Seven Years."

See "Current North Atlantic Ocean Temperatures Well Below Those of Medieval Warming Period, New Study Finds."

See "Der Spiegel: The “Ground Zero Of Climate Change” Is Becoming Green – Expanding Sahara Is A Myth."

See "Latest Satellite Measurements Confirm Climate Models Wildly Overestimate Atmospheric Warming."

While the global warming crowd worships at the altar of computer models and tea leaf prognosticators, we simply look at empirical scientific evidence.  And draw reasonable conclusions from that evidence.

They?  Well, they have Al Gore.  And the hockey stick crowd.  And the UN IPCC.  And their voodoo.

Depraved?  Who you calling depraved?

Hat tip to Climate Depot.

Racist Idiot Democrat

Whenever I hear news media types decry the lack of quality in the Republican presidential nominee field, I try to remember this guy:

Sharpton: GOP In Mad Rush To Its Extreme 'White' Wing

Sharpton, as in Al Sharpton, was a major contender in 2008 for the Democratic nomination for the highest office in the land.

And he's a flaming racist.

Not to mention the fact that he's not all that bright.

A racist idiot.

And the mainstream press has a problem with the Republican candidates?


I Just Don't Know

Just when I thought we'd found our guy, I read the fine print:
Santorum’s Big-Government Conservatism
By Michael Tanner, National Review

Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum’s surprisingly strong performance in last night’s Iowa caucus has thrust him into the spotlight as the latest potential conservative alternative to Mitt Romney.

But Santorum’s success has come largely under the radar — at least until the last few days — driven by his near monomaniacal focus on Iowa and the state’s network of social-conservative evangelical voters. Now, however, Santorum’s record will come under much more intensive scrutiny — and it is a record that should give supporters of limited government considerable pause.

There is no doubt that Santorum is deeply conservative on social issues. He is ardently anti-abortion, even in cases of rape and incest, and no one takes a stronger stand against gay rights.
When Hillary Clinton was justly excoriated by conservatives for her book It Takes A Village, which advocated greater government involvement in our lives, Rick Santorum countered with his book, It Takes a Family: Conservatism and the Common Good, which advocated greater government involvement in our lives. Among the many government programs he supported: national service, publicly financed trust funds for children, community-investment incentives, and economic-literacy programs in “every school in America” (italics in original).

Santorum’s voting record shows that he embraced George Bush–style “big-government conservatism.” For example, he supported the Medicare prescription-drug benefit and No Child Left Behind.

He never met an earmark that he didn’t like. In fact, it wasn’t just earmarks for his own state that he favored, which might be forgiven as pure electoral pragmatism, but earmarks for everyone, including the notorious “Bridge to Nowhere.” The quintessential Washington insider, he worked closely with Tom DeLay to set up the “K Street Project,” linking lobbyists with the GOP leadership. [link]
My God.  He's another George W. Bush.

A "compassionate conservative."

A mutant Democrat; he spends our money like there's no tomorrow, but feels bad about it.

Romney.  Obama.  Santorum.

What did we do to deserve this?