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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

'Obama & Kaine. One & The Same.'

Sounds like the perfect chant to come up at the next Kaine snoozefest when he sneaks back into Southwest Virginia, eh?

"Obama and Kaine.  One and the same."

"Obama and Kaine.  One and the same."

"Obama and Kaine.  One and the same."

And how about some devastating video to go along with that chant?

The experts tell us the race between this joker and George Allen is too close to call. I know that there are a lot of government employees in this state, and a lot of leeches who depend on a government check for their livelihood, giving both groups personal incentives for reelecting the spender-of-taxpayer-money-in-chief and to elect his bosom buddy here in the Commonwealth. But really?


Virginians Defending Their 'Castles'

There are many parts of America - particularly in inner city locales - especially in places like Philadelphia and Chicago - that are unsafe for human habitation these days. Lawlessness reigns. And people fear for their lives.

Not so much here in Virginia, though, where the law extends to the right of a person to defend his home and his loved ones, at all costs. Thus:
Victims fighting back with firearms

Hampton Roads, Va. (WAVY) - In the past few weeks, several victims in Hampton Roads have shot their attackers in an effort to protect themselves.

Just last week, a clerk at a Virginia Beach 7-Eleven shot a teenage boy who was allegedly trying to rob the store.

Blake Richardson later showed up at an area hospital later [sic] with a gunshot wound.

[T]here have been three incidents in the last 11 days of private citizens in Hampton Roads shooting alleged robber [sic] ...

Virginia Beach Commonwealth's Attorney Harvey Bryant said, "I think a lot of people have armed themselves to protect themselves. Ah, the law has also provided protections for people in their homes."

A little more than a week ago, a man in Virginia Beach shot an intruder in his home and no charges were filed.

"If a person comes in with a deadly weapon in an aggressive manner, most people are gonna feel like they're in fear of serious bodily harm and the law entitles them to protect themself with deadly force," Harvey explained. [link]
A right we intend to defend at all costs.

"The home to everyone is to him his castle and fortress, as well for his defence against injury and violence, as for his repose.
-- Edward Coke, English jurist --

* "Freedom From Fear" painting by Norman Rockwell, 1943

Fear Obama? Yeah, I Suppose.

There are many things I fear may come to pass in 2012.  And I've decided, after giving it a bit of thought, that all of them, in some way, relate to Barack Obama.  So yeah, this includes me:

"In [U.S. News & World Report's] New Year's poll, when asked what news event they fear most about 2012, Americans by a margin of two-to-one said Obama's reelection."

Suppose the Democrats are foolish enough to put him up for reelection anyway?

Global Warming? Time To Decide.

Those who believe in global warming are good at making predictions. All of which can be coalesced into one: We're All Going To Die!

I wonder, having endured the yapping now for two decades, at what point these People's Temple types will actually be held to account, by asking them a simple question.

How well do their predictions - originally made in 1990 - agree with the realities of today?

Answer: They don't.

Not that scientific data will prevent more of the We're All Going To Die! screech.

But the day will come.  The day will come.

An Unseemly Turn of Events

Republicans attacking one of their own for (allegedly) acting too much like a businessman and not enough like ... Barack Obama.  My, oh, my.  What has this primary come to?


"If Romney’s opponents embrace the rhetoric and class warfare of the Occupy Wall Street crowd any closer, they’re going to start pooping on police cars."

Jon Huntsman embarrasses us all with his stupid comment about Mitt Romney ("Governor Romney enjoys firing people. I enjoy creating jobs."  Jobs he's never been in a position to create). Newt Gingrich, who knows better, just embarrasses himself.

These guys are better than this. They are better than this.

- - -

* This issue will dog Romney in the coming months.  It will be telling just how he responds to attacks coming from Democrats.  If I were he I'd aggressively attack those who think firing underperforming employees is a bad notion.  Bad?  Bad for whom?  How many companies have gone under over the years because they were awash in lousy people making poor decisions?  How many innocent - competent - people lost their jobs because of the destructive influence of a few morons?  Firing is a necessary - and healthy - part of doing business.  Don't like it?  Get a job with the government, where incompetence is accepted as being the norm.

** For what it's worth, I sat down with an underling the other day and laid it on the line, saying, "There are a thousand people out there wanting your job.  It's time you decide if you want it."

Think about it.  Who deserves that job more?

I Think I Should Move To Utah

Just to vote for this gal:

Whenever I think about Obama and that presentiment sweeps over me that all hope is lost, I'm reminded by the Mia Loves of the world that there are those Americans out there who are still willing to lay it all on the line for us, to "reap the benefits of [her] decisions or suffer their consequences."

Here's to her. May she go far.

Say It Ain't So!

Not Twinkies!


Twinkies Maker Preparing for Chapter 11 Filing

For those who don't have the time to read the article, Hostess Brands has three issues that are plaguing its bottom line - competition, pension obligations, and a heavily unionized workforce.

I think we all know where this story ends.

How do you spell liquidation?

* A personal note: Another Hostess product, Wonder Bread, is the best on the planet.

Headline Of The Day

Huntsman boldly vows to carry on for some reason

A Lot Of Us Are Wondering

Enthusiastic Huntsman Supporters Wonder Aloud Why He Isn’t Running as a Democrat


From the Washington Examiner's "Dim Bulb" segment:
Dim Bulb: Democratic political strategist James Carville 
Who: Democratic political strategist James Carville

What: Claims "Tea Partiers think clean water tramples on their constitutional right to be poisoned."

Why it's dim: Carville's statement appeared in a fund-raising letter, but even in those, can't there be at least a semblance of truthfulness?

Cure: Go back to Louisiana and live among real people for a few years.
What amazes me is the fact that there are people out there - and lots of them - who received Carville's idiotic fund-raising letter, read it, and agreed with the notion that conservatives' want poisoned water.

Good God. Carville really does need to get a life.