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Monday, January 16, 2012

Memo To Congressman Goodlatte (2)

With regard to that "Stop On-Line Piracy Act" (SOPA) legislation you're sponsoring - proudly - in Congress, you should know what you're up against.  We the People of the United States of America cherish our 1st Amendment to the Constitution as much as we do the 2nd.  You screw with either, you do so at tremendous risk to your future job prospects.

Even Barack Obama understands the potential consequences:
On SOPA, Obama walks a thin line

The White House waded into the red-hot online piracy debate with a statement Saturday that won't satisfy either side.

In a blog post penned by three administration officials, the White House said it opposes any bill that would make it easier for government to censor the Web or make the Internet less secure, but it stopped short of saying whether that includes two bills that have sent the tech industry into a panic.

If that sounds like a careful effort to walk a thin line, it is: Some of the president's biggest supporters in Hollywood and Silicon Valley and beyond are sharply divided over the bills, and the White House needs a way to keep both sides happy.

The Stop Online Piracy Act in the House and Protect IP Act in the Senate are an attempt by business interests led by Hollywood to crack down on people pirating movies and music and stop the sale of knockoff goods.

But Web companies and Internet freedom activists have cried foul, saying the bills would put restrictions on the Web in a way that could destroy the fundamental openness of the Internet and prevent the next generation of Facebooks or eBays from getting off the ground. [link]
We the People hold these truths to be self-evident: Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech ... or the right of the people peaceably to assemble.

Bob, with all due respect, you're attempting to have Congress do both. Obama, though too much the coward to say so, has seen that light. You need to as well. Leave the internet alone. It's not yours to control.

As Goes Obama's 'Green Energy' Initiative ...

... so goes his trillion dollar high-speed rail pipe dream.

Down the drain.

See "Plans for high-speed rail are slowing down."

Hope and change?

Well, he got half his wish.  The price of gas sure has changed since Obama took office.

And the hope?

We the American people hope that Barack Obama is soon sent into retirement before he wrecks the rest of the economy and spends us into oblivion.

Global Warming? Don't Trust Them.

This is, without doubt, shameful.  And grounds for immediate dismissal.

Well, if the fraudster who tried to pull it off wasn't the darling of the global warming Left, it would be grounds for firing anyway:

[James] Hansen seems to have adopted a general strategy of warming the present by cooling the 1930s and 1940s.

Can swine like him simply alter the data? Can they do that?

If they are going to keep up the burlesque that entertains us with those theories about the planet warming, I don't see any other way for them to go.

Still, Hansen and his ilk should be canned.  Today.

Where Were The Packers?

Football (along with sports in general) is such an odd phenomenon.  Take the the Green Bay Packers (please ...).  Arguably the best team the NFL has produced in decades, the team that Vince Lombardi built played last night like every member of the team wanted to be at home watching the Golden Globes. Or somewhere. Anywhere other than there defending their national championship. (See "Giants stun packers with 37-20 win to advance to NFC championship game.")

Some will say the two-week layoff made the players flat.  The coach will say it was all his fault because he didn't have his team ready to play.  Whatever.

Whatever the reason, The Green Bay Packers - to a man - didn't have that fire in the belly last night.  And the score told the story.

Odd how sports plays out like that.

My Heart Bleeds

Stop what you're doing and grab a hankie before you proceed.  You'll need it as the tears well up in your eyes as you read the following, from this morning's Washington Post editorial team:

Deep in the heart of Virginia coal country sits a mountaintop prison, its remote location an outward expression of the plight of the inhabitants inside. Some 500 of its 745 inmates are held in solitary confinement — 23 hours a day, seven days a week, some for years — with virtually no human contact or meaningful stimulation.

Meaningful stimulation? Felons? Locked away in solitary where their sorry asses belong? What, we should provide entertainment and a bottle of booze? Hookers? "Dancing With The Stars"?

I'm still trying to decide if the murderers, rapists and psychotics being incarcerated in the the Red Onion over in Wise County deserve three meals a day and a toilet.

Meaningful stimulation.  Hope you got that hankie.  For all those Wheaties spewed on your keyboard.

 Meaningful stimulation.  Gimme a freaking break.

- - -

Earth to Washington Post:  Red Onion State Prison is classified as a Supermax facility for a reason.  It provides "segregated housing for inmates classified as the highest security risks in the prison system — the 'worst of the worst' criminals, those whose crimes have been made popular by the media, and those who pose a threat to national and international security."

You feel sorry for them?  You invite them into your neighborhood, compassionate ones.  Don't shuffle them off on us and then tell us how we are mistreating them.  I'm thinking they'd make swell babysitters for your children.

What We Really Think Of Michelle Obama

I don't know anyone who thinks of her the way she thinks we do.  (See "Michelle Obama says people have inaccurately cast her as an 'angry black woman.'")  Angry?  Who?

We do, however, see her as being ...

... your standard run-of-the-mill modern-day racist.

Slavery was abolished 147 years ago.  Segregation ended a lifetime ago.  99% of us get along just fine now.

Get over it, sweetheart.  We've become darn near a colorblind society.  Like it or not.

- - -

In response to those who will tell us that we still have a raging problem with race in this country, I offer up "Martin Luther King and the dream that came true," that appears in today's Washington Post.

We have moved beyond race.  Don't let the Michelle Obamas drag us back there.

Be Gay. Get Action.

If you're Christian and you have a problem with all the raunch on network television (hey, how's ABC's "The Bachelor" and "Desperate Housewives" doing anyway?), you can complain about it until you turn blue, and your protests will be ignored.  If not mocked.

But let the L,G, T, Z, B, G ... the gay community voice a complaint about an innocuous TV show about two guys dressing up as women in order to find work, well, watch out.  That sound you hear is CBS flushing the series down the toilet as fast as it can.

This is so pathetic:
ABC ditches 'Work It' sitcom
The Associated Press

Pasadena, Calif. (AP) — ABC's "Work It" is off duty.

The network said Saturday that the sitcom about two men who dress as women to look for work is off the schedule after only two episodes aired. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation had protested the series, saying it mocked the transgender community. [link]
Two episodes.  Homosexuals complain.  And - whoooosh! - the show is canceled.

Another good reason for me to never turn the channel to a network station.

- - -

Related: FX network's big risk with Sheen

A show starring a drug-addled, wife-beating degenerate?

No.  No problem with that.  Until he beats up a gay dude.

Who Knew?

Some guy named Huntsman was running for president:

Campaign officials: Huntsman to quit GOP race