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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Memo To Bob Goodlatte (6)

Regarding SOPA, that online piracy bill that you still favor but all of America outside of Hollywood opposes because of the potential mischief that the federal government can make if it is passed, read the comments to this Roanoke Times "Blue Ridge Caucus" post ("Does Goodlatte’s SOPA support make him vulnerable to a challenger?") (eleven comments as of this writing), and understand the hornet's nest into which you're sticking your perfectly curried head.

It need not get ugly, Bob.

Online piracy is a very real concern.  And, according to everything I'm reading, addressing it through a copyright law upgrade is called for.

But the bill you sponsored went way too far.  Policing the entire internet?  Obama given the power to shut down any website of its choosing?

I checked the rules and regulations by which you're to function.  That ain't there.

So stop.

And start over.

There are bad people out there.

I'm not one of them.

How Not To Win Friends & Influence Legislators

So you know, there's a delegate to the West Virginia House who has introduced legislation that would limit the number of handguns lawful citizens could purchase from a licensed dealer to two in any given month.  Need I mention the fact that the lawmaker - one John Doyle - is a Democrat?  And out of sheer meanness, should I post his photo?

Uh.  Yeah.

Anyway, this Democrat apparently hasn't anything better to do than push for another gun rationing law.  (The fact that the unemployment rate in his state jumped dramatically last month - anything worth your attention there, Johnny?)

Well, a disgruntled constituent wants everyone to know he's upset enough that he wrote Mr. Doyle.  And wants everyone else to do the same.

What he wrote, though, is just a tad ... intense?

Here's his letter (or email) (I cleaned it up so as not to offend the sensibilities of the pure of thought out there):
Dear Mr. Doyle,

In response to your House Bill 2229, I think the bill is ridiculous in the most common sense and pathetic. Your attempt to limit handgun purchases to 2 per month is a disgrace to West Virginia. As a gun collector, at certain times I may buy up to 4-5 handguns per month for my collection. Why would you want to limit handgun purchases to 2 per month?

You are a disgrace to WV and the NRA for even attempting to get this bill passed. You will NOT have my support in any way, shape or form should you choose to persue this bill.

This is f...ing stupid and pathetic. Two handgun purchases per month? Mother f...!
Uh, dude? Are you trying to influence Delegate Doyle or prompt him to defy his own proposed legislation and arm himself to the teeth?

Impassioned argument is one thing. Scaring the crap out of - or angering - your addressee is another.

How about you bring it down a notch?

My Thought Exactly

I watched Barack Obama's new campaign ad on TV last night and shook my head in disbelief.  It was the kind of thing that Joseph Goebbels would be proud of.  I couldn't help but wonder, though, just how many Americans would buy the bullshit.

Investor's Business Daily?  It isn'y buying one penny of it.

First, check out the ad.

Then read  "First Obama Re-Election Ad Filled With Fibs."

Laughable fibs at that.

Not a good beginning, Barry, lying to us like that.

Cavuto & Wallace Are Wrong

Look, I don't disagree that journalists are there to ask the tough questions.  (If only they'd be consistent and ask them of all candidates.  Has Barack Obama ever cheated on his wife?  We don't know.  He's never been asked.  In fact, there's a host of questions that he's never been asked.  The double standard is what riles us.)

And I think asking Newt Gingrich about his ex-wife's allegations is fair.

But this is over the top:
John King Defended By Fox News' Chris Wallace And Neil Cavuto
Fox News

Fox News hosts defended CNN's John King on Friday for asking GOP candidate Newt Gingrich about the bombshell interview his ex-wife gave ABC before Thursday's Republican primary debate.

King started the debate by asking Gingrich if he would like to discuss the allegations his ex-wife made during the interview. Gingrich said he did not and blasted ABC for airing the interview days before the South Carolina primary. He also lashed out at CNN and John King for using what he called "trash" to open a presidential debate. King received a considerable amount of backlash from the debate audience.

On Friday's "Fox and Friends," Fox News' Chris Wallace defended King for asking Gingrich the question. Wallace told the "Fox and Friends" hosts that he would have "absolutely" opened the debate with the same question if he were the moderator.

"Our job isn't to be popular, our job is to ask what's on people's minds...I thought it was a legitimate first question to ask," Wallace said.

Later on Friday, Fox News host Neil Cavuto also defended King. Cavuto opened his show by telling his viewers that it was King's duty as debate moderator to ask Gingrich about his ex-wife's recent interview. Cavuto said, "Enough with making CNN's John King a villain for asking it, and Newt Gingrich a hero for effectively dodging it." Cavuto echoed Wallace's statement and said that he would have opened the debate with the same question. [link]
So what are these two overlooking in their zealous defense (deployed from a rather too-high horse) of their colleague, John King?

The question was asked at a debate by a debate moderator.  How exactly were the other three participants expected to debate the question?

No.  King, in his effort to be the first to have the opportunity to ask the sensational question, stepped out of bounds.  And Cavuto and Wallace are wrong.  There's a time and place for everything.  And the ABC journalist chose the wrong ones.

Think it through, fellas.  Loyalty is admirable.  Being blind in judgment is not.

I'm Confused

So Newt Gingrich didn't ask for an "open marriage"?

Seems not.  (I don't watch ABC so I'll have to take James Taranto's word for it.)

What's all the kerfuffle and hair-pulling about then?

Hmm.  I'm guessing it has more to do with the fact that he is surging in the political polls than with the perception that his then-wife gleaned from a conversation she had with him many years ago.

If I were his enemies, I think I'd be pulling my hair out too.